Sunday, June 7, 2015

Ebuddy Structured Bright Wet Suit Neoprene Bikini Swimsuit

 Ebuddy Structured Bright Wet Suit Neoprene Bikini Swimsuit, It's very comfort for your swimm activities. Many women in United States have been using this bikini swimsuit. Really, great bikini with luxury performances.

"HOW TO CARE FOR YOUR NEOPRENE BIKINI" Neoprene can crease and mark easily. You should take extra special care when wearing and washing you bikini. 1.Store your bikini flat,as folding them will cause creases. 2.Hand wash your bikini in cold water after contact with chlorine or salt water and dry them flat. 3.Do not machine wash or tumble dry 4.Do not use chemical detergent to wash 5.If creases do form,you can iron them inside out,being careful not to place iron directly on to neopre.

We recommeded it!

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